Sarazen in the classroom

CBE 504 : chemical reactor engineering

semester: fall

molecular processes in chemical systems, reaction kinetics and catalysis. interaction of mass and heat transfer in chemical processes. performance of systems with chemical reactors.

CBE / ENE / CHM 421 : green and catalytic chemistry

semester: spring

concepts of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis applied to industrial processes associated with fuel refining and manufacturing of commodity chemicals and petrochemicals. available routes for similar conversions using alternative, more sustainable feedstocks and processes will be discussed in the context of green chemistry and engineering principles.

CBE 346 : chemical and biological engineering laboratory

semester: spring

an intensive hands-on practice of engineering. experimental work in the areas of separations, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, process dynamics and control, materials processing and characterization, chemical reactors. development of written and oral technical communication skills.