Sarazen Research Group


promoting green chemistry and engineering techniques through kinetic, synthetic, and theoretical investigations of reaction mechanisms catalyzed by heterogeneous materials



catalysis in pores

porous crystalline materials such as zeolites, metal-organic frameworks, and porous organic polymers offer a large and diverse pool of catalysts and catalyst supports. our lab strives to elucidate how important catalytic properties affect reactivity and selectivity, and aims to control these properties via advanced synthesis strategies, which are vital for the optimization and potential industrial application of our materials and processes.






september 2023

michele gave an invited talk at Cell Press' sponsored LabLinks at Drexel University to discuss future needs and perspectives of hydroxide-derived nanostructures and emerging catalytic platforms.

michele and prof. emily davidson kicked off their second annual NSFGRFP workshop series.

august 2023

hayat and michael successfully defended their FPOs in CBE and CHM, respectively. we will miss them both!!!

sam's paper was published in AIChE Journal's Future issue and was selected to be highlighted at the upcoming AIChE meeting in Orlando.

the iglesia group at UC Berkeley held a "Symposium on Research Frontiers in Surface Catalysis" in Santa Rosa, CA. michele was a lead organizer and discussion chair.

michele organized and presented in a session for chris jones as the ENFL distinguished research award.

michele was appointed to the early career board for the journal of catalysis.

june 2023

michele gave an invited talk at Bristol Myers Squibb for their Process Development Sustainability Symposium.

jun's work on catalytic plastic upcycling was published in Applied Catalysis B.

the group ventured to Providence for NAM28! sam, rachel, jun, cole, sonia, and michele gave oral or poster presentations. sam and jun were Kokes award winners! michele was an invited member to the 60-year Anniversary of the Journal of Catalysis Symposium.

may 2023

future senior thesis student darius ganza CBE '24 was featured in an article about his work as a summer ACEE researcher in the lab:

bella, hojoon, and stanley all successfully defended their senior thesis work and graduated! hojoon was also recognized with a senior thesis award for his work.

march 2023

hayat's paper in Crystal Growth and Design's special issue on Zeolite Crystal Engineering was published!

james was awarded the NSFGRFP. congrats, james!!

michele served on a panel for Women's Empowerment Week focusing on networking and creating a community.

february 2023

princeton women in CBE officially launched its webpage:!

hayat's MSDE paper was selected for the 2021 Outstanding Early Career Paper Award: congrats hayat!

michele was featured in Angewandte Chemie for publishing her first paper as a corresponding author:

michele served on a panel entitled "The Role of Mentorship in Shaping your Professional and Personal Development as you Navigate your Career in AIChE CRE," which kicked off the D&I committee's initial mentorship program.

january 2023

we were joined by fellow nittany lion joshua miller, who is also an NSFGRFP fellow. welcome joshua!

former senior thesis student clare martin and michael co-authored a paper accepted into Angewandte Chemie. congrats clare and michael!

rachel led a team of a team of undergrad and high school (!!) researchers on a paper that was accepted at Materials Advances.

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