Sarazen Research Group


promoting green chemistry and engineering techniques through kinetic, synthetic, and theoretical investigations of reaction mechanisms catalyzed by heterogeneous materials



catalysis in pores

porous crystalline materials such as zeolites, metal-organic frameworks, and porous organic polymers offer a large and diverse pool of catalysts and catalyst supports. our lab strives to elucidate how important catalytic properties affect reactivity and selectivity, and aims to control these properties via advanced synthesis strategies, which are vital for the optimization and potential industrial application of our materials and processes.


october 2021

sam, rachel, and michele participated in ACS National Chemistry Week with demos about "Fast or Slow… Chemistry Makes It Go!."

hayat, michael, rachel, and farah all presented their work at the ACEE annual meeting.

both Clare Martin and Sydney Hughes received the Lidow Senior Thesis Award and The DuPont Senior Thesis Fellowship Grant in memory of Michelle Goudie ’93. congrats!

michele gave a seminars in the Chemical Engineering Department at Lehigh University and MAE at Princeton University.

september 2021

we officially welcomed our CBE senior thesis students, Clare Martin and Sydney Hughes, into the lab to start the experimental components of their projects!

michele gave a seminar in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at Tufts University.

michele hosted this inaugural NYCS Seminar for the Fall 2021 semester.

the group kicked off the semester with a lab BBQ!

august 2021

hayat's paper ( was published in Molecular Systems Design & Engineering!

michele was recognized by the Dean and Vice Dean of SEAS for Faculty Outstanding Teaching based on Spring 2021 semester.

july 2021

the sarazen lab is well represented in NYCS leadership! michele moved into her position as chair, rachel was elected as webmaster, and sam was elected as student representative.

rachel's paper ( was published in Catalysis Science & Technology as a part of an Emerging Investigator Series. woohoo!

jeffrey presented his work at Princeton's  Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium. great job!

june 2021

michael was awarded a summer internship with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering where he will be working on MOFs for CO2 capture applications.

farah azmi CBE '24 is working in the lab for the summer through ACEE where she will be working with cole on modelling methane conversion reactions. welcome farah!

before that...

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